Press Quotes

Ursula Burns has invented her own wild style of harp playing and Spell is a mini masterpiece, pitch perfect, it deserves our fullest attention. – The Irish Times

Ursula Burns’ third outing is one of the few albums since Astral Weeks to mess with notions of temporal, spatial and cosmic displacement. It is constructed from rolling piano figures that threaten to vanish off cliff-tops, fragmented drum taps, harp arpeggios, soprano sax and vocals so in-your-ear they could be your conscience – or your fairy godmother – calling. – Hotpress

Ursula writes undeniably great songs, when you combine this with the fact that she plays the harp in a ‘new school’ style, the potential is mighty. – Stuart Bailey

Ursula Burns comes across as one of those original artists who defies musical barriers. She is completely unlike anybody else, especially other female singer/songwriters. – Irish News

With a sound that is both traditional and contemporary, Burns’ music defies classification, comparisons do not do her justice. She is her own unique music stylist. – David Schultz

Daughter of folk/classical harpist Marie O’Neill, Ursula Burns is a one-off – a hybrid concoction of delicate harp-playing married to the off-the-wall lyrics of a Tori Amos and the sweet voice of a Karan Casey. There really is no one quite like Ursula and her album is probably the most innovative to have emerged from the North in the last ten years. – Irish Music review

Not many people have a fiddle-playing grandfather in a band called The Senile Delinquents. Not many people have a harp-playing mother who independently pressed up and released 1,000 vinyl copies of an album that set Yeats poetry to music. And not many people can say they ran off to join a circus at the age of 14 and mean it, Ursula Burns did just that… –

Perhaps the most daunting gig of the night was Madame George, that whirling homage to a figure that plays dominoes in drag. It was Ursula Burns who had accepted the mission and she sat with her harp and realised that child-like vision. Perfect – Review of Ohyeahbelfast Astral week’s event – Stuart Bailey