About Ursula Burns

Belfast born songwriter, musician, performer and comedian Ursula Burns wrote her first song ” I have been long enough with you” for her parents at the age of 3. She has been performing all her life.

It began by singing medieval music in the dungeons of Carickfergus Castle, whist dodging the flying roasted chickens of drunk barbarians. The first recorded songs where an adaptation of WB Yeats poems in an album made by her Mother, Marie O’Neill “An Appointment with WB Yeats.

In her teens she swiftly ran away to join the circus and hence began a journey that has seen her touring ever since in the domain of Circus, Music and Theatre.

Finally she ran away from the circus to join the last ever horse drawn theatre company Horse and Bamboo. Winding her way, performing in every village from Aberdeen to Brighton, in a gypsy wagon. It was a natural progression to the the Flea Pitt where the little tiny flees did circus tricks in a horse box transformed into a theatre by award winning Cahoots NI.

Ursula has composed a wealth of music for shows including “The snail and the Whale” and “Leon and the place between”, and more recently Tumble Circus “Damn the Circus”.

With her first album Ursula was nominated for the Best Female in the Hot Press Awards and went on to make 4 self penned, self released albums the latest being, “Deep in the Dreaming”.

She has toured extensively in Ireland,UK, Scandinavia, Europe and America with her music and played with artists such as Loudan Wainwright 3rd; Jackson Brown: Billy Bragg: The Blue Nile: Duke Special: Van Morrison: Jimmy Nail and many more.

She has played in venues ranging from the street and burning fire escapes to The Albert Hall and worked her way up and back down again – quite a few times!

Ursula accidentally wound up in funny land when she won the 2012/13 Irish Musical Comedy Awards after uploading “It does not Rock” to you tube. In 2013 as a maverick muso she took her one woman comedy harp show “I do it for the Money” to the Edinburgh International festival and got nominated for the prestigious Malcolm Hardee award for comic originality.