Deep in the Dreaming

“Deep in the Dreaming”, is the fourth album by Belfast born singer songwriter Ursula Burns. This impressive new Twelve track release is a melodic collection of beautiful songs reflecting Ursula’s life journey and emotional landscape. Grounded in her Roots in Donegal, Tyrone and Belfast, Ursula spent time in all these places emersing herself in the landscape and poetry and writing of Fiona Macleod and John O’Donahue.

Produced by Rod Mcvey and Ursula, “Deep in the Dreaming” has a powerful musical force, with strong instrumentals featuring Uilleann pipes played by Paddy Martin and Cello by Neil Martin, bursting like the sun from the clouds and sending rays to the heart which uplift the spirits of all it falls on.

Ciara O’Neill graces the album with her stunning vocals and from the tribal sounds of Liam O Maonlai on “Hoponoopono river”, the tale of transformation at the” Floral Hall”, from the Lady of the Lagan to surrendering into the “Fields of Dream”, “Deep in the Dreaming” is a treasure chest of beautiful gems that will be revisited again and again, revealing depths with beauty, simplicity and complexity weaving a web of melody, that opens the heart and softens the soul.

Ursula is from a musical family and has always had the urge to move,after many years traveling with theatre and circus she returned to Ireland to explore her musicianship and develop her songwriting. Her first EP “Sinister Nips” garnered her nominations for best solo female in hot press awards and belfast arts awards.

The debut album “According to Ursula Burns” released 1999 freerange records and the critical acclaim bestowed on the album brought paudits galore and the opportunity to play the albert hall twice. Spell (2001); Rollercoaster Castaways (2003) and Deep in the Dreaming (2010) are all self financed and independantly released. Over her musical career she has supported: The Blue Nile; Beth Orton;Jackson Brown;Richard Thompson; Loudan Wainwright; Billy Brag and Jimmy Nail to name a few. Ursula has spent the last three years as Musical director for Cahoots Theatre and in september 09 wrote and performed the music for Julia Donaldsons, ‘Snail and the Whale’ in the Grand Opera House, Belfast.

The songs from deep in the dreaming have been like little flowers asleep under the winter snow awaiting their time to burst forth and release their sweet perfume into the world.

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3 Responses to “Deep in the Dreaming”

  1. Som says:

    Hi Ursula, wish you all the best for the release of your new album. Good Luck…
    Take care,

  2. Nicola Logan says:

    I recently bought this album and decided to put it on for the first time in the car driving to work. I was so captivated by it that I had to stop driving and just listen to it. I am almost speachless to describe how it made me feel. It absolutely takes my breath away. It is so beautiful and atmospheric. I love the way the high notes of the piano tinkle through almost every song and the sound of the Irish pipes have such a primal sound that resonates in the body. Ursula’s voice is like an angel and every instrument is played to perfection. This album is stunning and it needs to be shared with the world. With love, Nicola from Scotland

  3. Rob Hollway says:

    When are u gonna sing for me Ursula?

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